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Admin support for Barristers & Litigants in person


The experienced PLS team provide Barristers with an efficient, professional service to assist with the administrative aspects of acting for litigants on a direct access basis.

Support for Barristers

PLS provides Barristers who are representing clients on a direct access basis, with a service to organise and collate evidence into a user-friendly, professionally presented and fully compliant electronic court bundles and/or provide hard copy bundles, as required).

This professional service provides Barristers with the opportunity to remain focused on the substance of their client’s case, whilst providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for direct-access clients.

The team at PLS will assist your understanding of, and compliance with, the CPR and provide complete evidence collation and e-bundle solutions including:

  1. full indexing, pagination and bookmarking with descriptors; and
  2. optical character recognition (word search) and the ability to annotate/ mark-up the bundle
  3. full hyperlinking capabilities; and
  4. collated and presented in user-friendly, professional layout in electronic and/or hard copy format; and
  5. delivery and lodging with the Court (and other recipients, as required) prior to hearing (subject to Court location and hearing date being confirmed to PLS with enough notice); and
  6. guaranteed full compliance with CPR 39 and/or applicable rules, including judicial guidance.

The PLS team has many years of experience within the legal field and will alleviate the complicated and time-consuming burden of creating compliant e-bundles (and/or hard copy bundles) for court.  

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